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Join us for the 1st Annual
LV Arts at the Park!

Where the Arts Come to Play!

LV Arts at the Park promises to be a huge, county-wide celebration of the arts! Join LV Arts at Stubby Park on S. 4th Street in Leavenworth, Kansas!


When: Saturday, August 26th, 2023, from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.


This creative, educational, and entertaining event will feature a stage hosting surrounding performing arts groups, art-making opportunities for all ages and abilities, guided imaginative playground adventures, and lots more!

  • Artist booths from all over the county

  • Live performances on stage

  • Art-making experiences ALL around the park

  • Grand finale "Color Jamboree" Dance Party

  • YOUR WORK on a 4 x 6 ft canvas displayed at the park - Enter our contest and represent YOUR community!

Rock Paper Scissors Design LVATTP 23.png

This year's theme, "Rock, Paper, Scissors" was inspired by featured artist, Angie Pickman [see below]. 

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" is the perfect combination of art + play. Most art-making activities at this event will be centered around the theme, from rock painting and building to paper cutting and folding.


Do you want to make a difference in your community? Become an LV Arts at the Park volunteer.

Featured Artist - Angie Pickman

Artist Angie Pickman

Angie Pickman is a Lawrence, Kansas based artist and printmaker. Her detailed work often showcases intricate paper-cutting techniques. Angie's work has been featured in galleries and museums across the country, and we are thrilled to have her as a featured artist at LV Arts at the Park!

Angie will facilitate a paper cutting workshop this summer and demonstrate her skills at LV Art at the Park. Her artwork and workshop are not to be missed, and we encourage everyone to come out and see it for themselves.

Calling All Artists

Artists Booths

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to showcase and sell your artwork at LV Arts at the Park. We have 20 juried booths available for you to display your talent and connect with potential buyers. Click to learn more.

Young Artists Booths

Hey parents and guardians! We are excited to announce that LV Arts is providing a special opportunity for young artists. Your young, entrepreneur artist now will have a platform of their very own to display their work for others to view and purchase! Young artists and artwork will be featured in a dedicated tent of its very own.

Displays for youth artists can be as formal or informal as you'd like. A table and tent will be provided. All other display options are up to you. Work can easily be shared lying flat on the table if that is your preferred means of displaying. You may consider something to anchor works down if it is a particularly windy day. 


Scheduled sign-ups will rotate kids in and out of booths, giving everyone a chance to showcase their talents and enjoy the day’s festivities. If your young artist is interested in this unique opportunity, apply below to secure their spot and let their creativity shine!

Regional Artist Contest

Artists of all ages are invited to compete in our first regional artist competition. Submit your best work, and a volunteer committee will select a winner from each of the following ten area cities: Basehor-Linwood, Easton, Atchison, Leavenworth, Lansing, Tonganoxie, Fort Leavenworth, Weston, Piper, and Bonner Springs.

2023 Theme: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Deadline to submit: May 31, 2023

Winners from each city will have their art printed on a screen and displayed prominently at the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your artwork seen by a wide audience. Learn more and submit your artwork below!


We are now selecting our Performing Arts line up for the first annual LV Arts at the Park, hosted on August 26th, 2023 from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. We plan to offer a 24'x16' stage that will host performing arts solos and groups from all over the county!

If you are interested in being scheduled to perform in our BIG, immersive arts festival, please email Michaela at describing the talent you'd like to share and to inquire about an available slot! 


Plan Your Day

LV Arts at the Park is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community and appreciate local talent. Mark your calendar for August 26 and come out to Stubby Park for an unforgettable day of art, music, food, and fun!

View the full performer line-up here.

Enjoy light fare from our festival food vendors.

Activities List: Coming soon!

Parking Info and Shuttle Services: Coming Soon!

Rock Paper Scissors Shoot


Your support is instrumental in helping us achieve our mission.

Become a sponsor today!

Leavenworth Kansas Convetion and Visitors Bureau
Stain Right KC
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As our organization further discussed the specific concept of "rock," we wanted to highlight its versatility as a medium for the arts, but also as a representation of a solid foundation. LV Arts aims to become a cornerstone in the community, providing diverse arts and humanities events and programming. There are many artists, arts organizations, and art lovers in our area as diverse as rock, paper, and scissors, each with their own strengths and purpose, and we hope to support them in as many ways as possible.

Rock Paper Scissors
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