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1st Annual LV Arts in the Park
Artist Information

Stubby Park, Leavenworth, Kansas 66048

Saturday, August 26, 2023 10am-6pm

General Information

LV Arts at the Park is LV Arts' First Annual Art Festival featuring twenty (20) 10x10' artist booths, a regional art competition, a performing arts stage, and a wide range of art-making opportunities and activities for all ages. All artists interested in a booth can submit a booth exhibit application via email. Deadline to apply is May 31st, 2023. 


The artwork must be comprised of original fine art or fine craft created by the exhibiting artist. Reproductions are allowed but must be clearly marked as such with a signature and number. Entries made from commercial kits or molds or mass-produced T-shirts are not accepted. LV Arts reserves the right to refuse display of artwork that does not meet the medium, style, and quality depicted in the submitted images. In such cases, the artist will be asked to leave without refund of entry fees.


Artwork will be evaluated based on its originality, craftsmanship, use of materials, and aesthetic qualities. Artists are required to submit four to five (4-5) digital images:

  • Four (4) images displaying at least one piece for each art medium to be exhibited. Required.

  • One (1) image showcasing the artist's current booth setup. Strongly encouraged.

LV Arts has the right to utilize an artist's chosen image for promotional purposes.

The LV Arts at the Park jury is composed of up to twelve participants with varying backgrounds. Applicants will be notified of their application status by June 15, 2023, at the latest.


The park does have electricity capabilities. No booths will have their own access, but a charging station may be available. Please standby and/or email with any inquires regarding use of electricity. 

Important Dates

  • 4/1 - Applications available

  • 5/31 - Application deadline

  • 6/15 - Jury notifications emailed to artists

  • 7/1 - Acceptance and booth purchase deadline

  • 8/1 - Booth assignments sent

  • 8/26 - Setup starts at 7:30 AM. Artists are required to have booths set up by 9:30 AM

  • 8/26 - Color Jamboree Dance Party (5:00 PM). Artist check out (6:00 PM)

LV Arts at the Park will be held rain or shine.

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We will feature artists and announce our performer line-up and food truck list on our social media pages.

Booth Information

Jury Fee: $30.00

Booth Fees

Our booth fees are low in price following our mission to support working artists.

  • LV Arts members: $50

  • Non-members: $100

  • Double Booth: $100 for members, $200 for nonmembers

  • *LV Arts Membership may be purchased concurrently with the booth fee at check out. Membership fees are $15-$35.

All booth spaces are 10' x 10'. A clearance space of at least 2-3' between booths allows for display along at least one exterior side wall of the tent. 

In addition to booth fees, a small donation to the LV Arts organization at artist checkout is greatly appreciated. This allows us to continue events like these in the future.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Booth spaces are assigned by LV Arts. Spaces are not interchangeable. Artists may request double booths (see fee).​

  2. Artists are required to be present during the entire event and must personally manage their booth space. Assistance is permitted, but agents and representatives may not attend in place of the artist.

  3. Artists may display artwork from categories and bodies of work approved by the jury. LV Arts reserves the right to refuse the display and sale of any artwork that does not match the submitted images. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the artist being removed from the show without refund.

  4. Artists must specify the definition of "limited edition" in their Artist Statement and disclose their process to the buyer. Original art must comprise over 50% of the booth space, and reproductions of 2-D work must be clearly labeled as such.

  5. All ceramic pieces exhibited must be created by the artist and not mass-produced. If an artist chooses to display multiple pieces of the same design, each piece must be marked or signed by the artist.

  6. Artists are required to comply with all staff and security regulations, and vehicles must only be parked in designated areas.

  7. The event is family-oriented, and artwork intended for mature audiences will not be accepted. Representatives will enforce this policy throughout the show.

  8. In the event of a disqualification, a refund of fees will not be given.

  9. Sales tax packets will be provided to artists at the event, and further inquiries should be directed to the Kansas Department of Revenue.( or

  10. Tents are provided by LV Arts. LV Arts will provide weights for tents, as well. All display materials will be provided by the artists (including panels and chairs). 

  11. LV Arts assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or theft.

  12. All artists must check out, report their earnings, and are highly encouraged to complete the artist survey in a timely manner.

Entrant Agreement

By submitting an application, the entrant (must be 18 years or older):

  • Certifies that the entry submitted is entirely original.

  • Takes any and all legal responsibility for breaches of copyright caused by plagiarism.

  • Grants LV Arts permission to reproduce the submitted work, in whole or in part, for any purpose, including research, on the internet, in print publications and/or in any other medium without compensation and to publish the entrant's name, age, and home city/state in conjunction with the work.

  • The entrant indemnifies LV Arts in respect of all matters related to the entry.

  • LV Arts reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who violates any of the Artist Booths rules.

If you have any questions about the Artist Booths please contact

Want to have your work printed on a BIG screen showcased at the park? Enter our contest!


Deadline: May 31st

Please email entries to and include the following information:

Subject Line: LV Arts at the Park Artist Booth

First and last name




Primary medium

Four to Five (4-5) images total. Four (4) showing your artwork - required, one (1) showing your current booth setup - (encouraged)

Link to social media, website

Please submit your $30 jury fee via our donation page.

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