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Grassroots & Big Goals

As relationships with stakeholders continue to form and grow, LV Arts is expanding its reach to provide more ways for our community to experience art and explore cultures in meaningful and innovative ways. Join our grassroots efforts to broaden arts and humanities offerings in Leavenworth. 

LV Arts 2024

We are steadily building a unified arts community that seeks to partner with and embrace the beautiful and diverse groups of Leavenworth and beyond. So far, our offerings have been as diverse as the population we serve, and we're proud of that.



Quality of life and education are expanded with opportunities to experience art that represents diverse cultures and experiences.



The process of making art is one that can be shared across time and cultures. It is a language that speaks for itself.



LV Arts is never short of ideas for how we can celebrate community through the arts. 



The arts bring us together, both in our similarities and our differences. Togetherness is the key. 

Art is Our Priority

At LV Arts Inc., we are committed to supporting the artistic growth and development of our community. Our Board of Directors has chosen three strategic priorities as our main focus for 2024 to ensure that we are intentionally making decisions that will help us to move forward. 


Members and volunteers help to support our ongoing programs and initiatives either through their financial support, time, and/or other resources.


  • Need for internal positions/staff.


  • Defining what we do, whom we’ll serve, and what will make the most impact in our community.


Strategizing fundraising, grants, and fostering donor relationships to increase and diversify our revenue streams and overall capacity.

The Future of LV Arts

LV Arts aims to be more than just a place to create and view art. Our center will be a vibrant and welcoming community hub where people can connect, relax, and be inspired. Here are a few features we'd like to offer:

Black Box Theater and Recital Space

A simple, intimate stage for productions with small casts. This space could also function as a unique environment for an instrumental or dance performance.

Art Studios

Building a community where artists can work and store their art and workshops for art classes and exploration can take place. Visitors are encouraged to come by and see the process in action.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Revolving art exhibitions throughout the year, featuring local and visiting artists whose contemporary works allow for the exchange of thoughts and perspectives. 

Arts-Based Preschool

Where ideas and imaginations lead to learning opportunities. Nurturing childlike wonder and cultivating the skills every artist uses: problem solving, innovation, and brainstorming.

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