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Let's form a supergroup of art enthusiasts: Artists, teachers, business partners, parents, students, and more! Together, we can share ideas and knowledge about making LV Arts into a cultural institution for our community. Here's how you can get involved:

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We'd love to keep you updated on events and special LV ARTS happenings!​

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Are you an artist? Art enthusiast? If you want to help, there is a place for you at LV ARTS. We are a new organization that utilizes all skills, knowledge, and talents. 

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#3 Donate


LV ARTS is passionate about bringing opportunities for creative outlets to our community.


We'd so appreciate any donations of time, skills, talents, and funds!​

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You're here because you love Leavenworth and because you want a space in our community that shows how much we value fresh and engaging cultural experiences. 

About Us

Lets create
a space
for art in Leavenworth

It's simple.
We create art-filled experiences for the people of Leavenworth and surrounding communities to build, broaden, and sustain a love for the arts and humanities.
Love of community and culture starts here.


The mission of LV Arts is to connect art and audiences through dynamic exhibitions and public programs for the cultural enrichment and vitality of present and future generations in the Leavenworth area and beyond.



LV Arts aims to serve as the pulse of downtown Leavenworth, providing residents and visitors with an innovative, educational, culturally-responsive and ever-evolving space that stimulates curiosity and creativity. LV Arts will be the steward of educational programs, including exhibition tours for schools and community groups with curriculum support materials, youth activities, guest speakers, special events and other visitor amenities.


Because we at LV Arts believe art is for EVERYONE, inclusivity and accessibility are paramount to our vision.



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