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Who We Are & What We Do

LV Arts Inc. is an arts-based nonprofit with a mission to build, broaden, and nurture our community's love for the arts by creating opportunities for people to view, make, and celebrate art together. We believe that art is a powerful tool for positive change and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone. Join us in our journey of exploring and celebrating the beauty of art.



Our mission is to build, broaden, and nurture our community's love for the arts by providing access to art and creative opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that art has the power to inspire, connect, and transform individuals and communities.



LV Arts is diligently working toward building a Center for the Arts in Leavenworth. Our vision is of a community where the arts play an integral role, where creativity is valued and celebrated, and where diverse perspectives are respected and embraced. All for art, and art for all! 



Artists are central to our mission and vision.

Civic engagement through the Arts and Humanities can improve our community.

Diverse opportunities to be immersed in the Arts is essential to the wellbeing of individuals and a community.

Cultural experiences can be more impactful when shared in innovative ways. Giving people special tools increases the opportunity for special work. 

Spaces in which power is shared and perspectives are valued will result in a more equitable future.

Meet the Team


Tom Wallestad

Board Member

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Board Member

Tonia Mein

A majority of us on the LV Arts Board have lived in Leavenworth for most of (if not all) our lives. We deeply care about our mission to build, broaden, and nurture a love for the arts in our community because this is our home and we want it to grow into an even more beautiful place. Our vision is that we will expand LV Arts into a dedicated Center for the Arts in Leavenworth. 


Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2021, LV Arts came to life to provide more unique and tangible ways to engage with art and culture right here in our very own community.


We believe the arts wield a special ability to open our eyes and help us see our world in new and different ways. Our team is dedicated to creating unique experiences through the arts, and we hope you'll find our programs and events to be innovative, enriching, and special. We do hope you'll support our organization as we continue to connect art and community. 

We are grateful to our community of art supporters and explorers. Thank you for believing in the power of art to create a better tomorrow. 

Michaela B. Fitzgerald

Cofounder & President of LV Arts

We are always looking for talented, passionate, giving people to serve on our board. Join a team that works collaboratively to ensure that Leavenworth is not short on arts-based experiences. Every voice matters!


Please complete the Board Member Information Form by clicking here.


Email if you'd like to attend a board meeting and to meet our team!


This Could Be You!

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